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Sound Statement

I've been listening seriously since I was a 13 years old. I got the real imprortant lesson that distortion was the enemy of real sound so recordings are paramount.
I found that playing some of the most special recordings on tape like 10.5" reels direct masters from the studio that I could almost make real sound. I thought this was amazing and blamed modern recordings for a lack of information but it's not strictly true as the music on the reel needed to sound real but it just somehow didn't quite make it no matter what it was played on a bit like a grail always out of reach but then I thought perhaps we're missing out something in the audio path and it's the reproduction signal and yes we were in fact we were missing around 40Hz and below. The most powerful frequencies in the audio reproduction, the low frequencies. So I've put them back in and although the realisms aren't continuous throughout the recording they certainly are present very regularly and it's fun!
After designing speakers for over 20 years. We have a passion for making real sound a reality for everyone. Domestic speakers need to accommodate the full bandwidth of the range of human hearing which is 20Hz to 20kHz and there weren't any capable of this until now.
Now the full bandwidth Hart Audio Gold Loudspeaker is now a reality.
This development provides a genuine wealth of authenticity to the sound, great depth and sensitivity to the tiniest sound with a complete and very believable reproduction as a result.