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Swiss customer review (Speakers personally delivered to Geneve by my brother and I from the Isle of Wight.) (Demonstrations welcome in Geneve by appointment.)

Now, indeed, these are examples or recordings effectively listened to with the speakers since I received them of course. I guess an example of jazz as well as one for classical music and one for rock muisic is satisfactory meaningfull for you to enhance the oc verall quality of your production in the name here of the Phoenix units particularly.
Duke Ellington and his orchestra, pure gold LP3576
A remarkable recording rassembling such tunes like take the A train, mood indigo, sophisticared lady or solitude. The rendering is absolutelly bluffing, warm and powerfull in all aspects, while clarity, 3 dimentional sound and warmness prevail wonderfully. The Hart audio Phoenix delivers a credible rendering. You can feel the physical instruments in your room, pure enjoyment that is.
Scriabin, piano concerto, poem of the extase, rèveries - Supraphon stereo 10 4149-2
Supraphon is well known as producing one of the best natural rendering in the recording production at large. The association with the Czesh Philharmonic Orchestra knoown for its capacity to render beautifull instrumental colors is just amazing and Garrick Ohlsson as the pianist is precise and expressive all the way particularly in the piano concerto rarely played and recorded relatively. The Hart Audio speakers are particularly efficient in terms of colors rendered and 3D definition really. The capacity to reach a low 13 hz frequency make this recording quite real in the sense that we are close to what you could listened in a concert hall. The bass section particularly is articulated marvelously. It is simply credible indeed.
Yes, Yessongs live album, Atlantic 7567813002
Probably the best live concert of yes and of the 1970's all production really. This band is known as reproducing a really sophisticated progressive rock music, using classical influences, as well as jazz influences. The polyphony of the voices are just esquisite and enchanting. The bass player Chris Squire is just amazing and the capacity of the Hart Audio Phoenix speakers to render his quite low frequency playing is just a true source of enjoyment. Just listen to the song the heart of the sunrise and you will be transported happily really.
So I think those reviews shoudl help to figure out the performances of these non compromising speakers
M. (Geneve)