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Fully active sound & HD vision capability.

Televisual requirements

Modern life has become more involved with screens more than ever before. It is our belief that they are here to stay and will be developed ever further. They play a big part in our day to day life and must be involved with other convenient technologies in the home. That is why the Hart Audio loudspeakers has embraced the need to incorporate them into it’s technology.


We're ever using WiFi for many applications and nearly every house in the land has broadband. The use of your home network to stream video and sound is very appealing. If you use an Apple computer our handy remote will control track selection and volume. Any wireless device can be connected to the home network and the picture and sound from that device can be played through the speaker and onto your HDMI TV. Making it so simple to watch and listen to anything from the internet. If you don’t want to use an external WiFi device then the speaker has a trendy remote control and an onboard unit with firmware and a playing platform specifically designed to search the web for any movie or TV or other sites like Youtube and you can upload any of your music files too. Everything is in sync so the sound and video play perfectly together


We all know that energy conservation is important so the Hart Audio range have the option of onboard amplification, DAC and wireless capability with low energy consumption. That’s not to say that you can’t use your current High End system with these speakers because you can

Amp friendly

Using Class A amplification, with our speakers is paramount. Hart Audio Speakers are 97db sensitive so they are louder with less watts. Class A watts are conserved for the most delicate frequencies. Bass requires the most power. Hybrid onboard amplification for the bass reserves the Class A power for the higher frequencies. Within a minute you can switch from active to passive.