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Hart Audio realised that the reason speakers were big was solely in an attempt to produce the lowest frequencies of the human ear 20Hz and above. This meant that the lower the frequency produced the bigger the sound.
So 5 years ago, because no speakers went down below 40Hz even the really huge ones, progress started on the Hart's Loudspeaker. It became a speaker that could do 20Hz and upward at the same volume as the rest of the frequency range. All housed in a tiny very domesticated cabinet. The 26 driver Hart's Loudspeaker's low frequency produces a huge loudspeaker. The effect is revolutionary. They sound lovely!

"The Big Speaker in the Small Box" Hart's Loudspeaker 20Hz-20kHz ± 3db, 8 Ohm, 94db sensitive, Passive Full Range, Hybrid Bass. ‚Äč35cmx25cmx20cm. 8kgs. hartaudio.com UK 07872322768