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We are in the process of inventing real sound through a full bandwidth compensation device, this would reverse the filtration effect of audio equipment used in recording and playback. It is believed that a full bandwidth flat response of (20Hz-20kHz ±0db) would provide the ultimate in faithful reproduction i.e. real sound. In order to achieve this, a loudspeaker capable of a compensated flat response within the audible frequency range would be needed. So 5 years ago we started work on the Hart Loudspeaker, and here it is, a domestically acceptable loudspeaker which achieves the full bandwidth of 20Hz-20kHz within the industry standard of ±3db. 8 Ohm, 94db sensitive, Passive Full Range, Hybrid Bass. The effect is revolutionary. Allowing production of a bigger, deeper and cleaner sound pressure than large speakers with big bass horns and all from a cabinet the fraction of the size.
Hart Loudspeaker
20Hz-20kHz ± 3db  
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